July 23

Majors, Minors & Movies

It was a typical day at BSC until this evening when rain delayed our evening activities. Baseball majors hustled during their drills this morning, pitching hard and fast and catching tons of balls. In Hockey, campers worked on their independent scoring skills with a few rounds of break away drills. One camper impressed with a record 3 for 3 breakaway goals. Well done! In Basketball, coaches and campers focused on ball handing, which any serious player will tell you is an essential skill for all b-ball enthusiasts.

In our minors today, flag football, golf, canoeing, and fishing were eventful activities. A fun but furious game of flag football was so close coaches thought it would end in a tie but one camper pulled out some thrilling moves for his team to win. In golf, the coach was super impressed with the BSC boys’ aim, alignment, and swing. In canoeing, staff were amazed at campers’ abilities to hold their balance and rhythm on the somewhat choppy waters on Long Lake today. Finally, our boys had some luck while fishing today, catching 10 fish in total. One camper in particular caught 4 of the 10 fish including a big bass just over a foot long! Wow!

We didn’t let the rain get us down though. Koop turned the Humanities Center into our very own BSC movie theatre. It gave us a chance to rest our minds and muscles, and enjoy some downtime with our new friends. All in all, it was a really great day!

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