July 15

Color War!!

Koop had a surprise for us this morning! After breakfast and clean-up, we thought our Majors were rain-delayed BUT…. little did we know, a special guest was there (via video) to make an announcement. As we gathered in the BA Humanities Centre to supposedly watch a movie, suddenly there was Hulk Hogan, the most infamous wrestler of all time, up on the screen to break Color War!

Our 2 Color War teams are the NHL camps, LA Kings (purple) and the NBA champs, the San Antonio Spurs (silver). Immediately after the big announcement we were divided into teams and the war began. We headed off to our Major sports for the ‘best of’ skill competitions. Here, tenacity and focus payed off in points.

After lunch, Color War was dominated by 2 big events. We held an amazing BSC 13+ Basketball game – Spurs vs. Kings. As the sea of purple and silver fans cheered on their teammates loudly and proudly, coaches/counsellors looked on to award points for enthusiasm. It was a close game, but ultimately the Spurs hustled just a little bit harder to snatch up the win.

Then we held a Mini World Cup on the top floor of the ice rink – with a four-on-four match ups for campers 12 and under. Playing under house rules, the matches were super fun and very entertaining. Sportsmanship was fair, but counsellors gave some notes at line up so that campers could keep this very important area in mind as Color War progresses and their athletic careers continue. Spurs were the victors for this event too, but when all was said and done, all tallies taken and points assigned (including skills, sporstmanship, and enthusiasm), the Kings are holding the lead as of today.

After a hard day’s work, tonight will be a bit more relaxed with free play (Gaga, Weight Training Fitness, etc.) and Ice-Cream Sunday night at the Wolverine’s Den.

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