July 11

Dedication & Celebration

Campers received numerous shout outs at line-up today, many connected to their intensity and dedication to health & fitness. They are making healthy choices at meal time every day and prioritizing weight & fitness training a part of their daily routine. Furthermore, several campers have raised the bar even higher by waking up extra early to get in extra sprints, sit-ups and pull-ups. The growth and improvement in these guys is truly remarkable.

Another beautiful day in Bridgton, the campers took advantage of the lake this morning, where our Canoeist were ‘tearing up the water’ and one of our smallest campers got up on the knee board on his very first try, thrilling all the onlookers.

In Lacrosse today, speed was a factor when making shots on goal, leading one camper to nail his target almost every time. He had such a successful day, he even created his own celebration move, called the ‘selfie celly’. The move was a sure fire hit, since a demo at line-up garnered lots of cheers from fellow BSCers. I have a feeling we’ll see that move again!

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