July 10

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It was a gorgeous day in Maine today, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze, making for excellent conditions on the lake. Campers were thrilled to enjoy the beauty of the day on the boat and along the shore swimming and canoeing.

In inter-camp action today, our 13u boys played a big game of Flag Football. According to BSC coaches, our campers played hard and fast (7 touchdowns!) for an amazing win, made even better since it was on our home turf. Later in the day, an amazing effort was made by our 11u Kickball team, bringing them a couple wins and a couple losses. Evidently, you can’t win them all – even though we’ve had a nice streak of victories lately. Ultimately, another proud day here at BSC!

In Basketball action, coaches described an intense practice during Major periods today, with lots of learning happening on and off the court.In Lacrosse, coaches switched things up with a game of lacrosse golf, a favorite among campers.

Finally, after several camper shout-outs we had the Joke of the Day – used this time to see which division would line up for dinner first. Pros may have had the winning joke, but we all lucked out with the food. Dinner was our classic cookout – burgers, hot dogs, past salad, potato salad, juicy watermelon, and refreshing lemonade. It was the perfect day for a picnic on the grass.

Over 1/2 way through 1st session, the time is flying by and we are loving every minute of it!

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