There’s some great news out of BSC to report: It rained! Which means the heat finally broke (Friday’s weather was around 60 degrees), and we could all breathe a bit easier. However, it means we had to adjust our schedule around the rain, but that doesn’t mean we still didn’t have fun. Luckily, we did get our majors in in the morning, though, after a delicious breakfast that included everybody’s favorite: french toast sticks. Each major is building on the fundamental work the campers have put in throughout this first work, and more game-like drills were incorporated for Friday’s majors.

After lunch and an extended rest hour, which the campers (and certainly counselors) appreciated, we broke off into various activities. Each age group rotated throughout the indoor stations, avoiding the rain, while staying on their feet. At the ice rink, we had a free skate. Campers that don’t normally get on the ice had their fun, while the hockey majors got to impress their friends by zooming along the boards. Over at the lecture hall, campers filed in to catch up on some wild matches from the EuroCup, including Spain outlasting Switzerland on penalty kicks. Lastly, each age group had their turn in the basketball arena, playing some good ol’ fashioned dodgeball. It certainly was the most intense station of the three, and if you ask the campers, probably the most fun.

After a hearty dinner of tacos, pros and seniors had their choice of the Wolverine’s Den, the gym, or the basketball arena, where some wild games of knockout went down. Koop, meanwhile, was generous enough to invite all the rookies into his home down the street, where they gathered in front of the TV for Movie Night. Campers brought their blankets and pillows, snacked on some Chips Ahoy, and had a blast watching The Pacifier.

Overall, another successful day at BSC!

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