Friday: Casino Night is Finally Here!

Another gorgeous day in Bridgton, Maine! The campers had a fun day doing sports, and betting money on a variety of casino games!

We had BSL today to start the morning off and then straight to the first and second periods. The hockey majors worked on skating specifically transitioning, backwards, forwards, and quick feet. The baseball majors played a game called Home Run Derby where they had to hit the ball over the fence from the outfield. The soccer majors had different stations to help with footwork and ended their practice with a scrimmage. There were also minors in lacrosse, tennis, flag football, and weight training.

After lunch, the campers had their rest hour, and then it was off to their third and fourth periods. The hockey players scrimmaged. Everyone at the waterfront had fun, and there were many campers who tried waterskiing or wakeboarding for the first time, and they were getting up! The rest of the majors went very well!

For dinner, the campers got pizza and pop! There was a birthday on Thursday, but we celebrated the camper’s birthday today!! For many of the campers, the pizza and pop are what they looked forward to all day!

After dinner, everyone showered and got ready for Casino Night. Casino Night is when campers are given fake money to bet or play different games such as Plinko, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and many more games! The campers had so much fun playing the games and winning money! The counselors were also able to have fun too as the bouncers or playing the games with the campers. The CITs also had a blast too as bouncers or helping out with different games or concessions.

Casino Night was a big hit, and it was a perfect time for the campers too because they have been working hard at their majors and minors!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!!

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