First Pizza Dinner

What a busy day it was! We had several games against other camps, and we did extremely well!

There was a baseball game today against another camp after breakfast, so all the campers that participated in the baseball game ate and headed out. We also canceled BSL for today because of the game. The rest of the campers were able to sleep in and go to the first period after breakfast.

The first period went very well, the lacrosse majors worked on 2 v 2, weight training minors played capture the flag, tennis minors played King of the Court, basketball minors played some games, and the hockey majors did some stations to work on stick handling, passing, and shooting.

During the second period, basketball majors had a continuous scrimmage and whatever team won did not have to do sprints. In archery, we had a camper get his first bullseye which was pretty exciting! Soccer majors had 3 v 3 competitions where the ball could only touch the ground once and they had to get it over the bench. It got very competitive! In hockey, they had different stations just like period one. They also had an obstacle course as well where the skaters could race each other. In weight training, they did planks and a circuit.

After lunch, we had our rest hour where all the campers went back to their dorm. As rest hour was ending, we had the U15 soccer game against another camp at Bridgton starting. Many of campers who had minors went and watched the game. It was a good game because we had to go into overtime! Both teams played their hearts out and had a great attitude throughout the game. Both goalies played really well, and made some great saves! In the end, we came out on top with a score of 1-0! Our team passed the ball to our striker who took it down and scored! Everyone went wild and surrounded the camper who scored screaming and cheering!

During Line-up we found out that we won the baseball game 6-4, and we lost the U12 soccer game by one point. In the soccer game, we were losing by 2 points but then we tied it up and got ahead. Eventually, the other camp tied it up as well and scored one more time and won the game. In the baseball game, we got 6 runs right away and kept the other team from getting no more than 4. The camper who got the water dumped on him for the joke was a CIT which made it so much better for the campers.

For dinner, we had our first pizza dinner of the summer which made some happy campers! Also, after dinner, there is a group of basketball players going to play a game against another camp tonight!

Wish them luck!

Tomorrow we are going to the Portland Sea Dogs game which everyone is pumped for!

Thank you for reading the blog, and hopefully, you had some pizza tonight as well!

By for now!

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