First Official Day

Today was a very successful first day of camp! The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, and smiling campers and counselors.

Once everyone woke up and had breakfast, the campers went to their major. Everyone was excited to hit the ice, court, and fields for some fun and to tune up their skills. The lacrosse campers were learning how to pass the ball using their left and right hand, the soccer campers learned how to change direction and some new footwork, and the baseball players met the coach for either the first time or again.

Before lunch, all the campers did their swim test down at the lake. The lake was a bit chilly, but they still had fun swimming and treading water. With the help of the amazing waterfront counselors, and the head of the waterfront, Jake Bookspan, everything ran smoothly and the campers had fun.
After lunch, many of the campers went to their various minors such as soccer, lacrosse, fishing, waterskiing, and many more. The hockey players were able to get on the ice and practice. They focused on edge work and getting used to being on the ice again.

During lineup, a camper told a joke and if the campers did not like the joke, water would be dumped on his head. His joke:

Why is dark spelling with a K and not a C?
-Because you cannot see in the dark.

This resulted in the camper getting soaked with water while the rest of the campers were laughing and having fun.

For dinner, we had steak, rice, grilled vegetables, and rolls. Don’t worry, many of the campers had the grilled vegetables! We also had the pasta bar and a salad bar as usual. For dessert, we had a popsicle.

Now, the campers are enjoying their free time at the Gaga Pit, street hockey, up at the field, or in their dorm.

All the campers are looking forward to getting more time doing their majors and minors tomorrow, and possibly changing their minors as they are exploring different sports and finding out they like them!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you had a great Monday!

Until next blog!
Keara Chaperon

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