First Lazy Bones Sunday of the Summer!

It rained on again off again, but it has been a very pretty night though making it a great way to end the day!

This Sunday was also the first Lazy Bones Sunday of the summer meaning we could sleep until 10:00! We started today off with some donuts and our normal breakfast food, and we had Line-up in the morning so the campers knew what was going to happen today. We had free time after and some chose to go to the waterfront. The rest of the campers had tryouts for basketball and flag football for the different tournaments we will have against other camps. The other campers who were not at the waterfront or doing tryouts played Spike Ball, lacrosse, street hockey, soccer, and baseball.

After a while, the campers went back to their dorms because it started to rain. In one dorm there were some campers who were reading in the common area and in their room. There were some other campers who were playing different card games too. The rain stopped but it started up again right before lunch. The rain stopped for rest period while all the campers were in their dorm resting.

We decided to have a carnival today in the gym where the campers could play foosball, laser tag, or do an obstacle course. We also had jeopardy and Bingo. The campers rotated to all three with their age group, and all of them had fun especially at the carnival. The Pros absolutely loved foosball, and the Seniors loved the obstacle course because it got wet so it turned into a slip and slide. They had fun beating their friends and seeing who was the fastest.

For dinner, we had chicken alfredo with broccoli in the sauce, rolls, the pasta bar, and salad bar. For dessert, we had an ice cream bar. All the campers got their phones after dinner so they could call their parents and catch up with their friend from back home.

Even though today had some rain, the campers still had a blast at their different activities!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope your Sunday was lazy as well!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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