First Lazy Bones Sunday of Second Session

Lazy Bone Sunday was today! Everyone was able to sleep in until 10, and anyone could have woken up early to have donuts. Today was also carnival day as well!

All the campers had Free Time until lunch, and Rookies ate first followed by the Pros and Seniors. The free time consisted of playing basketball, U13 soccer tryouts, U13 baseball tryouts, and other fun games on the turf! For lunch, we had tacos!

After lunch, we had carnival games! The campers could go down 2 different water slides, play foosball, go to the waterfront, play on the turf, or play inflatable basketball. All the campers had so much fun going down the waterslides and swimming at the waterfront! The counselors also had fun on the waterslides and racing the campers!

For dinner, we had chicken strips with Jojo fries and regular fries and of course our pasta and salad bars. For dessert we had brownies! We also celebrated a birthday as well!!

All the campers got their phones back to them once dinner ended, so they could call home and talk to their parents or message their friends. Once snack was over and the campers handed in their phones, they went to bed.

We had an awesome Sunday because the campers had so much fun!

Thank you for reading the blog, and please wish the camper a very happy birthday!! Thank you!!

Updates soon!

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