After each camp season I spend a few days unwinding, relaxing & thinking about highlights from the past summer. Two highlights that are always close to the top for me are the opening & closing campfires. We don’t photograph or video these events and I think that’s one thing that makes them so special. You have to be a part of camp to experience them.

The opening campfire is always very short. I talk to the campers about how quickly 3 weeks goes by and how they should take advantage of everything that camp has to offer. After a few other talks from admin we roast marshmallows and call it a night. The magic happens after 3 weeks during our final campfire. Everyone gets up in front of the entire camp (very few could imagine doing this at the opening fire) and talk about what the summer and what BSC has meant to them. The younger boys talk about making friends and getting better at their major sport. The older ones go more in depth about what camp has meant to them and the friendships that now carry on throughout the year. I am always so proud at this final fire for two reasons. One, I know that I wouldn’t have been as comfortable as these campers are to get up in front of a group to share my feelings and two, they get it. Our campers understand exactly what camp is all about and the reasons that BSC is a special place for so many people.

I want to thank Carol, Adria & Max for the blog posts & pictures. We hope that the blog/pictures were able to give you insight into what your children were experiencing at camp on a daily basis.

Have a great rest of the summer and can’t wait to see everyone back at camp in 2017!


One thought on “FINAL BLOG

  1. Koop

    Just want to thank you for what you and your team create for the boys. Anthony loves BSC.

    Your share brought tears to my eyes. I just love the memories all the kids have and relationships they now have because you had a dream. I get back a more confident kid.

    We are looking forward to next year. Lets see if anthony can get thru a summer without you doing his laundry haha!!!

    Renee Ponta

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