After a long day at Fun-Town Splash-Town catching rays and makes waves, we rolled back into camp for a rest. Ready to relax before bed in the Wolverine’s Den, we thought we’d catch a game on the TV and hit the hay early.

Little did we know….!!

All of a sudden, the BSC Counselors are whizzing by – here, there and everywhere. Voices raised, shouting instructions, pumping us up, and driving us out…with our interest peaked and our hearts pumping, we followed our leaders up the hill and onto the BSC line-up circle. It was there that we embarked on the biggest Scavenger Hunt we’ll ever be apart of: over to the archery field, down to the Gaga Pit, into the ice rink, through the Humanities Centre, and so on and so forth until we filed into the Gym for the biggest surprise of all…

Color War was broken…Black Hawks vs. the Heat 2013! Go Red! No, go Black! No, go Red! Go Black!

Kicking things off were 2 big games of Dodge Ball – Rookies vs. Rookies and a mix of Pro-Seniors vs. Pro-Seniors.

BSC Campers….let the Games Begin!!

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