Color War Day #2

The games have begun. Red team better known as the Heat and black team the Hawks. Wasting no time the games started as soon as color war broke last evening. Rookies, Pros’s and Seniors each had their own dodge ball game.

This morning campers had no trouble finding something red or black to wear. They were pumped and ready for Sr. basketball, Rookie flag football, and Pros’s on the pitch. Winning is only a part of color war. Good sportsmanship and fair play can add or subtract points in any game. This afternoon was track and field. Camper’s signed up for the event they wanted to compete in. They did everything from a football toss to a tug of war. Plenty of cheering and fun was had by all.

Last but not least counselors had there own tug of war veterans against new staff. Guess who won??

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