Casino Night!

From the ice down to the lake… Three cheers for your boys!!! From skating techniques to getting up on skies for the first time. It’s great to hear all the shout outs they are getting at line up. This is the place where we hear the accomplishments of the day and we are hearing PLENTY.

We had a full morning of activities. We managed to squeeze in choose up, and then the skies opened up. We ran for cover to the field house and had a huge game of dodge ball.

After dinner we showered and spruced up for an evening on the town. Casino Night has come to Bridgton.

We looked cool and played the part from black jack to roulette. Counselors did not miss a beat. There were bouncers at the door, cotton candy and popcorn machines. Snow cones and drinks could all be purchased for tickets we got at the door. Each camper was given over $ 500.00 dollars of ” hot off the press” BSC money. They tried their luck at a variety of different tables. The high rollers were given a pass to go up in our lounge for some poker. The music was blasting the guys were keeping the beat. At the end of the night their money is collected and counted. Tomorrow special prices will be given to the highest winners.

One thought on “Casino Night!

  1. Wow! sounds like an awesome day at camp!
    I’m sure I will hear ALL about it Thursday on the weekly call home 🙂

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