Camp Update as of 7/12

Dear Camp Families,

The entire camp is at Funtown/Spashtown USA, so I have a little bit of time to fill you in on what’s been going on at camp. Last Friday night we had casino night. We turned the Players Lounge into a casino fully equipped with a popcorn machine, cotton candy and juice bar. All of our counselors were dealers and the campers had a blast playing poker, blackjack, war and many other table games. We even had a high stakes poker room upstairs. The campers had a blast and I’m not sure how but even the ones that went down early kept coming up with more money.

After running hard on the fields all week we had a low key Saturday afternoon with game of broomball on the ice and paintball in the fields. Both were a huge success and more importantly no injuries. Lazy Bones Sunday was anything but lazy. We had inter-camp all day long. Monday afternoon it was too hot for normal activities so we played kickball under the sprinkler and a slip-n-slide wiffle ball game followed but a mandatory swim. Tomorrow we get back to normal activities with color war breaking any day now!


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