Camp Has Begun

Well folks, BSC’s 2013 camping season is officially underway!

Counselors, new and returning, from near (Maine) and far (Australia), were keen pupils during their 5-day orientation last week and very hard-working as we prepared for our Session 1 campers to arrive.

Campers from overseas arrived last night to warm welcomes and freshly made beds, and the rest of our Session 1 team filtered in throughout the sunny (and sticky, thanks to the humidity) afternoon.

Mother nature decided to extend our dinner hour with a pretty powerful rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightening. Feeling lucky to be under cover, campers and counselors took advantage of the extra time to get to know one another.

Now all campers are in their dorms, mingling, playing games, or settling in for the night. We have a big day tomorrow … Day 1 of Session 1. Can’t wait!

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