A Sunny, Bright Tuesday

Another gorgeous day! It was sunny with barely any clouds in the sky! It was the perfect full day of majors and minors for the campers!

Waking up with smiles on their faces, the campers headed to breakfast and off to BSL (Bridgton Sports League). BSL is a big tournament where every camper is on a team, but they are divided by their division. So, Rookies only play Rookies, and Pros and Seniors play together. They play different games, for the Rookies they can play Gaga, Spike Ball, and Handball. The Pros and Seniors can play Dodgeball, Handball, Kickball, or Ultimate Frisbee. BSL can get very competitive because each team wants the pizza party if they win.

Right after BSL is the first period where the campers can have majors and minors. The hockey majors had different stations that worked on stick skills, offense and defensive positioning, and opening up to receive a pass. The lacrosse majors worked on boxing players out to get the ball and shooting on the run. In baseball, they worked on batting from the tee and catching the ball to throw to first base. Some campers did have a minor in flag football and weight training and fitness. In weight training, the campers focused on doing exercises to strengthen their abs. The campers in flag football had fun catching the ball and scoring touchdowns.

In the second period, the hockey players did the same thing as first-period hockey majors. The soccer majors had a scrimmage and played a game called knock out. The basketball majors ended their practice with different campers making a free throw and if they miss then everyone ran down and back.

After lunch, the campers had their third and fourth periods. The campers in third-period hockey had a fun game of sharks and minnows and a scrimmage. Also during the scrimmage, we had a camper pick up an opponent’s goalie stick to give back to the goalie. It was awesome to see campers demonstrating sportsmanship!

In the fourth period, the hockey majors had a scrimmage, and all the campers had fun at their other minors!

During Choose Up, the waterfront was open, and a couple of campers took advantage of that. Also happening at the same time were tryouts for the U13 and U15 3 v 3 basketball tournament, and the U15 flag football game coming up soon against other camps.

At Lineup, we had brother duo who said a joke, but they did not get the water dumped on them. There were two more campers who went after them and the last camper was not as lucky.

His joke:

What is the pony’s favorite basketball game?

There were no world-famous tacos for Taco Tuesday, but we did have steak, the salad bar, corn, potatoes, bread, and the pasta bar.

After dinner, the Gaga Pit was the hit of the night! There were tons of campers there having fun getting each other out! The other hot spot of the night was the Humanities building where the campers can play pool, ping pong, and more!

The campers had an awesome day, and it being sunny all day helped! It kept the campers in a great mood and helped them enjoy their activities!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and maybe you had some tacos tonight!

More updates tomorrow!

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