Here We Go


BSC Families,

Good morning and welcome to our 8th summer at Bridgton Sports Camp. We are so happy that you and your family will be joining us.

As a camp owner/director I am always asked, “What do you do the rest of the year?” While I won’t explain that in this blog, I can tell you that it involves a lot of preparation for what begins tomorrow.  This past week we have been busy training our staff & preparing for camp. I am extremely impressed with our staff & all of the hard work they have been putting in. They are eager to start and cannot wait for the campers to arrive.

This morning I walked around camp, and I can tell you that the facility is in fantastic shape. While checking out the empty grounds, I can just imagine all of our campers running, playing, laughing & yelling on the fields.  To me, and all of us at camp, there is nothing better than those sounds.

Starting on Monday, we will have a daily blog that will be posted here and in CampMinder along with daily photos that will give you a window into what your child’s day is like here at camp.  I will also try to personally write a blog every once in a while.

Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram (@BridgtonSports) & Facebook for more pictures & videos of camp life.

As always, please call or email me at any time to check-in, and you can be sure that I will call you if anything comes up on this end.

We can’t wait to see everyone at camp tomorrow!

All the Best,


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