My blog is dedicated to hockey majors today. They had “dry land” this morning. No skates and on the football turf they ran at least 5 laps around the field. This was followed by a series of strenuous drills. The drills were demanding and took a lot of strength. The older boys were coaching and encouraging the younger ones that were having trouble. Looking at the pictures will give you a better idea of the different drills. Needless to say the hockey majors were totally exhausted and loved the idea of a free swim this afternoon. Some of the hockey guys opted to go out of camp for a street hockey match.

The 16 and under boys hosted another camp in a game of hoops. I forgot to mention we won last night, but were not as lucky this afternoon.

The weather is still warm up here but little to no humidity. The lake was in full swing. I got to see my first canoe over canoe rescue. Campers always enjoy tipping the canoe’s and now they know how to reenter them. Great rescue drill that is fun to do on a hot day.

Rumor has it that tonight is movie night.


A great time at Fun-town/Splash-Town. Campers tried their luck at several events and some big stuffed animals along with some crazy hats were won. Perfect weather for all the water rides. The seniors rafting trip I heard was awesome. An experience they will never forget!

Today campers got an extra hour sleep and it’s another hot one here at camp. I got up to the fields early and watched each sport do their stretches.

I even went to the lower field and finally got to see archery. I saw three bulls-eyes and I’m sure the archers will get a shout out today at lineup. Just heard there were NO fish caught down at the lake. Campers were making coasters in arts n crafts. Great place to be on a hot day just to chill.

Thank you Coach Warde:
— Swede warmup skate
— BA 1v1 Battle drill
— 1v1 back check, Angling drill
— 3v0 center drive
— 2v2/3v3 net front protect

Two age groups left camp for a soccer tournament this afternoon and tonight 15 and unders will be hosting another camp in a basketball game here.


Seniors still recovering from last nights social. They did manage to host another camp today in a game of flag football on our new amazing turf.

Twelve and under had an away soccer tournament. Majors and minors were on as usual. Baseball majors were coached on base running. I watched hockey today and think I can give you an up date. Four at a time had to pass and shoot. Object was dialog on the ice. They had to talk and pass.
There is free play this evening and hopefully everyone has a good night sleep. It is off to Fun-Town Splash Town tomorrow and the seniors have their white water rafting trip.


A busy day at BSC. This week we have tournaments scheduled with other camps. Today the 15 & under and 12 & under had a 3 on 3 basketball tourney at another camp. We went to the semi finals in both age groups.

The 13 & under went out of camp after rest hour. They had a kick ball match. We lost, but the score was close and they all had a good time.

15 & under left for street hockey. A victory for us!

Activities went on as scheduled. Our fitness program is incredible this summer. The boys are really getting amazing workouts.
Coach Warde again shared his morning drills with the hockey majors:

— top hand underhandle
— bottom hand underhandle
— both hands underhandle
— 2v0 passing – straight up, off wing, fwd/bkwd, cross and drop, head man weave
— 3v3 3 nets Gilligans Island


Today was lazy bones Sunday. After a full week of majors and minors today was a welcome change. There was free, but supervised play in the morning. There was a under 12 and under 15 lax game against the counselors. The 12 and unders beat the counselors. Yea.

After lunch there was a free skate. I enjoyed watching baseball, soccer basketball, and lax majors on the ice. They now have a new and great respect for there hockey friends. They skated to music and were helping others (including counselors ) get around on the ice. There was also lazer tag set up in the gym. Counsellors were allowed to join in.

After dinner we have phone calls. Enjoy your calls!


After a late wake up which by the way was great. We needed the extra sleep from our big outing at casino night.

We had majors all morning. Coach Warde again was kind enough to share his morning drills with me.

Here is what we worked on today:
— Coaches drill -2v1, 2v2, 3v2
— Babcock 2v2 battle drill
— Middlebury passing game
— Kane 2v2/3v3 game
— 4v2 PP game
— Breakaway game

This afternoon there was a soccer tryout for an upcoming tournament.

Tonight is movie night. Lucky rookies get to go to Koop’s.


Fingers were crossed…. Some clouds but no rain!!! We managed to get all regular activities in.

Usually morning majors are instruction and drills. This can be seen in the daily photo’s.

Lax majors were filmed this week and today reviewed this on a large screen in the humanities building.. This will be done the third week and they will see their progress.

Thought you hockey parents would like some news from the ice. Coach Warde was kind enough to email me the morning drills. Which looked pretty intense to me.
–Stick handling in a confined area
–Give and go passing series – focus on communication
— puck protection
– redirect of shot, followed by screen, tip, react
— 2v1 transition
— 1v1 race and battle.

Pizza for lunch is always a huge hit. Before rest hour boys could sign up for our BSC tennis tournament.

Tonight they will be dressing sharp, getting drink, cotton candy, popcorn tickets, and will be given $1000.00 dollars to try their luck at CASINO NIGHT. The wolverine den will be transformed into the BSC Casino. Pics will be posted of this event tomorrow.


What an amazing Thursday!!!! Majors and minors were in full swing.

I got to see how to sacrifice a bunt. A laser gun was used at lax. Three on three on the ice. Basketball had an array of different drills and same with soccer.

It was just as busy at the lake. Bulls-eyes were made in archery and visors were made in arts & crafts. Three different games of flag football and volley ball on the far field.

Choose up was the best. Campers challenged counselors to a full field soccer game. By the end of the game the entire camp was there and cheering.

Dinner was every-ones favorite. Thursday is always cookout. Nice to eat up on the hill and hang out.

This evening was make your own Sundas. Koop is always at the end of the line giving his famous whip cream shots. Check out the pics that will be posted tomorrow.


After two days of heat and humidity the temperatures dropped and we had the most amazing day to be up on the fields.

After a series of stretches soccer majors had some tough drills. While dong the drills they were divided into groups and the drills became a relay race.

Lax majors split into offense and defense and used a small part of field to practice there attack on goal.

A group of boys in weight training and fitness were out on the fields doing aerobics, push-ups and 40 yard sprints. This has been a popular activity this summer and campers are getting a lot out of it.


Not quite as hot as yesterday but drink plenty of water and sunblock was the order after breakfast.

Up on the fields this morning I saw baseball majors in the batting cages and a great flag football game was in progress too.

The lake had canoes, wake boarders, water tubing, and fishermen on the dock. My favorite spot on a hot day is the ice rink. Saw the seniors having a game this afternoon.

Evening activity is BSL leagues. The commissioner divides the camp into teams and they compete in an array of different activities. At the end of camp the team with the most wins is presented with the biggest trophy…. next to the Stanley Cup that I have ever seen.