A great time at Fun-town/Splash-Town. Campers tried their luck at several events and some big stuffed animals along with some crazy hats were won. Perfect weather for all the water rides. The seniors rafting trip I heard was awesome. An experience they will never forget!

Today campers got an extra hour sleep and it’s another hot one here at camp. I got up to the fields early and watched each sport do their stretches.

I even went to the lower field and finally got to see archery. I saw three bulls-eyes and I’m sure the archers will get a shout out today at lineup. Just heard there were NO fish caught down at the lake. Campers were making coasters in arts n crafts. Great place to be on a hot day just to chill.

Thank you Coach Warde:
— Swede warmup skate
— BA 1v1 Battle drill
— 1v1 back check, Angling drill
— 3v0 center drive
— 2v2/3v3 net front protect

Two age groups left camp for a soccer tournament this afternoon and tonight 15 and unders will be hosting another camp in a basketball game here.

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