What an amazing Thursday!!!! Majors and minors were in full swing.

I got to see how to sacrifice a bunt. A laser gun was used at lax. Three on three on the ice. Basketball had an array of different drills and same with soccer.

It was just as busy at the lake. Bulls-eyes were made in archery and visors were made in arts & crafts. Three different games of flag football and volley ball on the far field.

Choose up was the best. Campers challenged counselors to a full field soccer game. By the end of the game the entire camp was there and cheering.

Dinner was every-ones favorite. Thursday is always cookout. Nice to eat up on the hill and hang out.

This evening was make your own Sundas. Koop is always at the end of the line giving his famous whip cream shots. Check out the pics that will be posted tomorrow.

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