Camper – A Day In The Life: Wednesday July 26th: Trip Day

Trip Day!

One of the most exciting days of camp every year – Trip Day! After a day and a half of mediocre weather, we woke up Wednesday with clear blue skies and perfect Maine temperature. Our rookies & professionals were getting ready to head to Funtown Splahstown and the seniors left at 6am for a white water rafting adventure. It was an awesome day for everyone.

Funtown Splashtown…USA

At 10:30, the rookies & professionals boarded the bus. The ride was filled with excitement. Returning campers were busy planning their day and telling new campers which rides and what games are a must do. We split up into a bunch of groups of 5-7 campers with 2 counselors leading each group. They are able to explore the park together. Some groups began in Funtown, while others immediately needed to get wet at Splashtown.

Funtown has some awesome rides. The log flume is always my favorite because it’s an exciting ride and it’s great to get soaked to cool down. The best part of the flume are the pictures taken on it. It’s always fun to head to the booth after to see what kind of funny faces were made. The most popular ride in the park however, is probably Excalibur. An old school wooden roller coaster with a sick drop. In addition to the rides, there are a ton of games to play. Pop-A-Shot, ring toss, balloon popping, milk jugs, and so much more. Almost everyone leaves the park with either a basketball or a stuffed animal. I wonder if those stuffed animals end up making it home??

At 5:45, everyone congregates at the tent and we head over to the dinner area. Everyone gets a meal ticket that allows them to choose between a pizza, a burger, a hot dog, chicken fingers, or a caesar salad. Dessert includes either some soft serve ice cream (my fave), fried dough, or Dippin’ Dots. After dinner it was time to head back to camp. We returned to the busses and pretty quickly, the sugar rush ended and campers started falling asleep. We returned to camp at around 9pm and it was straight to the dorms to hang out, shower, and get ready for bed.

White Water Rafting Adventure

After a really early wake up (5:45am) and a quick breakfast, the seniors boarded a lovely coach bus and headed out for their white water rafting adventure. It was a long & tiring bus ride, but it was well worth it. It was an absolutely perfect day to head out on the river.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the guides. They gave us instructions and a rundown on safety and how the day was going to go. Pretty quickly, we were split up into groups and jumped into the boats and began the day. It was an amazing experience. We had everything from calm and relaxing currents to class 3 and 5 rapids! Everyone even got a chance to jump out of their boats and take a quick swim.

Rafting came to a close and everyone got off the river together. Everyone shared their experiences and what they thought of the morning / afternoon. The day ended with a really nice chicken & steak meal right on the riverbank. It was a perfect way to complete the trip and hangout as a group. The perfect bonding moment for our oldest campers to have. Something they will always remember.

It was time to head back to camp.

A successful and fun filled day of trips for BSC.

Talk soon!

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