Camper – A Day In The Life: Thursday July 27th

The Day

Thursday was one of those classic perfect camp days we strive to have.

Due to the long trip day Wednesday, we went for an hour late wake up Thursday morning. The whistle blew at 8:45. As usual, the rookies jumped out of bed to gather in their common area and hangout; eager to go to breakfast. The professionals do not move as quickly, but after a few nudges, they got up and made their way to the dining hall. And, as always, the seniors were last to make it to the top of the hill.

Breakfast was a delicious cheesy egg and hash browns meal. Oh, and blueberry muffins were also on the buffet line which are always amazing. When cleanup was over, it was time to hit the fields (and court & ice). After a day off from sports, campers were excited to be back out there. Majors started off really strong. Everyone was into it and giving 100% effort. Lax was fully suited up and ended the session with a sick scrimmage. Ice hockey was amazing to watch as always.

Throughout the day, minor periods were solid as well. It was a beautiful day, so the waterfront was in full force. A few kids got up on a wakeboard for the first time ever which we love.

The Night

After dinner we had a lot going on. Basketball inter-camp AND a skating social. The social was for our boys who just finished 5th & 6th grade. Those consists of our oldest rookies & our youngest professionals. Right when dinner ended, those boys ran back to their dorms to shower and try and make themselves look nice. Dorms smelled like Axe and there was plenty of hair gel going around! After final mirror checks the boys made their way up to the ice rink to put on skates and meet the girls. As expected, each group started off in their own areas of the rink. However, it just took one brave young man to head over to the girls and start chatting. Once this happened, everyone else joined in. Next you know, there were giggles and yelling all throughout the rink. And then boom, each camper was paired up with a young lady and they were skating while holding hands. Probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen all summer!

While the social was going on, the rest of the camp congregated in the basketball gym. Every year, we host a night game versus Camp Micah. We call it The Battle for Bridgton (since Micah is also in Bridgton). The boys playing are our oldest campers so the skill level is always at it’s best. Micah also brings a bunch of their campers to come watch the game as well. We make a bunch of signs & banners and hang them up around the gym. The coolest part is that we make it a white out. Every camper and counselor dresses in all white. Face & body paint are also very popular. The atmosphere is unbelievable – just like a high school game. From the opening tip until the final buzzer, the crowd is intense and cheering on our team. Last year, we lost in a very close game. This year, however, we sought out redemption. We took the lead from the start and never looked back. The trophy is back at BSC and will remain here until next year!


An incredible night for everyone in camp. Back at the dorms, campers were super amped up either about the game or the social.

Until next time!



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