Camper – A Day In The Life: Sunday July 2nd

Lazy Bones Sunday

After some strange weather, today was a gorgeous day. From the second we woke up until we closed our eyes, the weather was perfect. The morning air was crisp with a nice breeze and there was not a cloud in the sky all afternoon. Tonight we were able to sit on the fields and see the stars.

The Morning

Lazy Bones Sunday is a bit different than every other day. Instead of our usual 7:45am wakeup, campers & staff are allowed to sleep in late. Breakfast is available to everyone from 9am-10am. Many of our younger campers typically get up before 9, so quietly (without waking their roommate!) they are able to head outside. They can play gaga, shoot hoops, have a catch, or even go for a run and then eat breakfast as they please. Sundays are always great days.


At 10:30, the whistle blew and the whole camp met at the lineup area. We usually meet there right before dinner to go over the days events and give shoutouts to standout moments from the day. Lineup is always super fun. After recapping the day, we give campers a chance to take the stage and share stuff they want to talk about. The end of lineup always culminates with a camper coming to the center and giving a joke of the day. If it is funny and we get some laughter, a counselor gives a tip of the hat and the camper sits back down. BUT, if the joke is not funny at all and there is silence from the crowd, the counselor gives a wag of the finger and the camper ends up with a nice bucket of water on the head! Today’s morning lineup was fairly similar. We recapped some of yesterdays events (since yesterdays lineup got rained out), gave camper shoutouts, and did a joke of the day.

After lineup, we had some tryouts for intecamp games coming up. Flag Football, Kickball, and Soccer tryouts were going down. There was tremendous attendance in all 3 activities. Campers were focused really hard and performing extra well so that they can be on the teams. It was a fun few hours to watch.

The Afternoon & Carnival Day

It’s carnival day here at BSC. After rest hour (the hour after lunch) campers came up to the fields for our annual carnival day. Each age group had their time at the carnival while the other age groups participated in Gaga tournaments and Home Run Derby’s. It was a really crazy but really fun afternoon. Carnival activities included a 30 foot blow up water slide, a blow up boxing ring, a bungee race, an obstacle course, a pretty nifty photo booth (pictures coming soon!), and of course, a laser tag course! The music was blasting and the campers were having an awesome time.

The day went by quickly, and really soon, the carnival was over and it was almost time for dinner. There was a little free play before our evening lineup. We had a little rock, papers, scissors competition to see which age group would go to dinner first, and I swear, one of our youngest 8 year old campers beat our oldest 15 year old camper in a best 2 out of 3. The crowd went absolutely wild and it was great to see. The rookies got to make their way down to the dining hall first.

Tonight – Phone Calls Home

After a great dinner, the evening activity was phone calls home. At the beginning of camp, we collect everyone’s cell phones. On Sunday night, every camper who brings a cell phone with them, gets it back from 730pm – 9pm. They must call home first, but after that they can check out Snapchat & Instagram if they must 🙂 Come 9pm, we re-collect all phones and campers go about their typical nights. They are given a snack and then it is time to head back to their dorms to shower and go to sleep.

Week 1 of camp is in the books! We had an awesome week and are super excited to get going on week number 2. Tuesday is July 4th and we are going to a minor league baseball game that night. We have tons of intercamp and other exciting events this week.

Goodnight from Bridgton!




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