Camper – A Day In The Life: Friday July 7th

2nd Friday

Gooooood Morning Bridgtooooon!!! Everybody out of bed! Up up up up up up up! The sound of Koop’s voice woke up the camp as it does every single morning. We made our way up to the dining hall for breakfast where fluffy blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs were waiting for us. Baseball & Wimbledon highlights were all over Sportscenter. Our waterfront director is loved by everyone in camp and almost every meal, the campers start chanting his name. This morning was no different.


We had 2 big intercamp tournaments today. 15’s street hockey at Camp Micah and 13’s basketball at Indian Acres. Both are very popular tournaments. There are about 6-8 camps that attend. The structure is usually a round robin style and then the top 4 teams advance to the playoffs. Our basketball team performed well in the round robin stage. We lost the first game but won our second. Because of point differential and other scores, our record was good enough to advance to the playoffs. It was a hard fought battle, but in the end, we unfortunately lost in the semi-final game. Our sportsmanship was on point and we are proud of our boys!

Now on to the street hockey tournament. We went undefeated in the round robin stage, winning 2-1 in our first game, and 4-0 in our second game. Our record and point differential was good enough to land us the top seed going into the playoffs. We defeated our semi-final opponent pretty easily and it was on to the finals, where we would play the hosts, Camp Micah. This was a wild game. There was music playing and they probably had their entire camp in the stands watching the game. It was a hostile environment for the away team! It was a hard game to play. With 5 minutes to go, we were down 1-0. We didn’t have much going for us on the offensive end. Out of nowhere, one of our oldest senior captains comes running down the rink and take a wicked slap shot the zipped past the goalie into the top left corner of the net. It was now 1-1. With 70 seconds to go, one of our campers whips around the back of the opposing goal and finds one of his teammates right in front of the net who puts it home! 2-1 Bridgton. 15 seconds later, we catch a nice bounce and go on the break to put one more in to make it 3-1. As one of our coaches said at lineup, it was the cherry on top. We came home with the trophy!

Casino Night

Every summer, we host a casino night for our campers. We bring in poker tables, blackjack tables and many other fun games for the kids to play. Cotton candy and popcorn machines are always a must. We hand out fake money and we have an awesome time. Everyone gets dressed up for it too. Campers and staff looked GOOD. Hair was gelled and combed to perfection. Button downs were crisp. And sunglasses were definitely worn. Each age group gets an hour at the casino, starting with the rookies. Koop always makes a guest appearance and deals a little blackjack. I for one, manned the rock papers scissors station for a little bit. I was tough to beat, but kids liked to wager a lot of their money against me! Oh, and our lovable waterfront director was in charge of music for the night. It was a funny and incredible night.

We only have one more week of first session. The summer is flying by and we don’t want it to end! We have an amazing last week ahead of us filled with trips, intercamp, color war and more. Stay tuned for more daily recaps! Until then…..


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