A Day In The Life of a BSC Camper – Tuesday June 26th

DAY 2: Majors, Waterfront, Campfire

I know we always go on and on about that Maine weather, but Tuesday couldn’t have been more spectacular. A nice cool morning just got nicer and nicer as the day went on. No better time for working on majors, waterfront activities and a campfire!


Up on the fields, the campers in their majors were hard at work. On the baseball diamond, Coach Mike had the boys doing a series of throwing drills followed by base running, and batting practice. Hockey majors were put through some vigorous drills in the morning and then scrimmaged in the afternoon. One of the drills I got to watch was 3 on 3 using their opposite hand. Over on the hardwood, Coach Whit came out strong (as always) with an array of different drills to improve the kids’ games and take them to the next level.


A classic picture perfect day here at camp always means…WATERFRONT! There’s nothing better than getting in a canoe on a beautiful day and exploring. The waterskiing and fishing boats were also out on the water the entire day. We caught a ton of fish (and then set them free), and a group of campers got up on waterskis for the first time in their lives.


As per tradition at BSC, one of our first nights is always the opening campfire, and it was an amazing evening last night to have it. At around 8:30 as the sun started to set, and the whole camp congregated around the fire to talk about camp and what our values mean in our daily lives. Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Loyalty, Kindness, and Friendship are the values that we live by here at camp. It is important to us that our campers understand the importance of these. In tomorrow’s post, we will share those values with you in further detail.

8 years ago, when BSC was founded, we started a tradition of setting goals for ourselves. At the beginning of every session, the campers write their goals on a piece of wood. Those goals range anywhere from making new friends to improving in their game, to growing up as a person. At the closing campfire, they share those goals and tell their fellow campers what goals were met before tossing the wood in the fire. Koop saves the ashes and they are added to next year’s campfire.

We are excited to see what goals our campers set for themselves this year, and how they will work both on and off the court/ice/field to achieve them.

Until next time!



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