A Day In The Life of a BSC Camper – Monday June 25th

Session 1 – Day 1

Welcome to Camp

BSC Families,

Hello and thanks for joining us this summer. Welcome to our daily blog. Here you will read about what your son is up to here at camp! If there is anything else you want to hear, just let us know.

Maine: Some of the best weather you will find in the US. We have beautiful days and cooler summer nights. Nothing more you can ask for when you’re running around all day.

Just like most mornings here at camp, the day started when the whistle blew at 7:45am. All throughout camp you heard, “Goooood Morning Bridgton!! Everybody up! It’s a great day to be at camp!” – The classic wakeup call from our fearless leader, Koop. Heading up the hill to the dining hall were tons of new faces. New 8 year olds and new 15 year olds walking together to see what was for breakfast. And what better than chocolate pancakes and bacon for opening day. Don’t worry though…for the healthier ones, there is always a yogurt and fruit available.

Let’s walk through the different types of activities our campers participate in…


Ice Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball. Those are the “majors” here at camp. Every camper majors in one sport and then minors in a variety of other sports and activities. Majors are comprised of skills and drills. Our boys love their majors and really want to improve over the next 3 weeks. The directors of each sport are all experienced coaches who want to see their players succeed.

The first day of majors are always awesome to watch. Campers and counselors come out hungry and are eager to get going. The energy is at an all time high. Everyone wants to give 110% and prove that they are there to get better and to work. At our 6pm lineup, each director stood up and gave a recap of the major and there was not one negative thing that was said. All upbeat positive attitudes. Good vibes over here for day 1!



Every coach wants their players to be well rounded athletes. Hockey coaches want their players to play sports like lax to improve on their hand-eye coordination. Basketball coaches like their players improving their speed & agility on the soccer field. In addition to their majors, everyone also minors in different sports & activities. When at the minors, it is always fun with a little bit of a competitive edge. On the first morning of every session, we give our campers a weekly schedule with every single period laid out for them. It’s important for them to have structure here at camp.


At our core, we are Bridgton Sports Camp. However, we pride ourselves in being a perfect mix of a sports camp with traditional camp values. In addition to our sports, we offer an array of activities that allow our campers to try new things and take breaks from the sports.

Our waterfront always has some of our most popular minors. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, and fishing are always running. Maine is known for its beautiful lakes, and everyone loves getting in there. Many of our campers have never been waterskiing or wakeboarding before and it is awesome when they get up for the first time.

In addition to the waterfront we offer many other activities. Arts & Crafts is a great place to go and cool down and make some pretty neat stuff. Street Hockey & Tennis always get intense. We have a great weight training & fitness / speed & agility program that aligns perfectly with our campers major sports. There are solid workout regiments that campers can work on during these periods that will help them improve on the court field, and ice.

Night One

After dinner, we have evening activities. Most of the time, it is Bridgton Sports League; aka BSL. We also have free play occasionally. Additionally, we have special events and trips which you’ll read more about as the summer goes on.

Tonight, we kicked it off with BSL. The way it works is every division is divided up into different teams. Our divisions are always college conferences. This year, we are going with the Ivy League for the Rookies & SEC for the Pros/Seniors. Games consist of Gaga, Handball, Kickball, Cricket, and some others.

After BSL, our youngest campers, the rookies, head straight to showers and start hanging out and getting ready for bed. The older guys have a little more freedom. The middle division, the professionals are able to play in the gym and hang on the fields until 9:15. After that, they head to their dorms to shower and prepare for bed. Lights out for them are at 10:30.

This concludes our first day of camp. We hope you enjoyed the read!

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Until next time…Goodnight from Bridgton!!

Yours Truly,

A Bridgton Sports Camp Staff member

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