It is our anticipation and goal to provide a positive environment for young players to learn and hone their baseball skills. We want to improve the individual skills of each player as well as advance their skill-based training in combination with game play.
With the instructional resources we have and knowledge of game strategies and game management, we can further develop your son’s baseball abilities. Individual skill instruction administrated by our staff at Bridgton Sports Camp (throwing, hitting, fielding, base running, and pitching) will provide your son the tools necessary for the next level of play.

Baseball Camp Curriculum

We will break down our 3-week camp instruction to include the following areas of the game: throwing/catching, fielding, hitting, base-running, and pitching. Sportsmanship, confidence, and fair play will be developed and enhanced throughout our 3-week program.

Throwing and Catching

Throwing and catching will be taught through proper instructions of mechanics. A series of throwing drills will be used to enhance each player’s ability to throw properly. Competitive and fun skill games will be incorporated to assess how each camper is doing.


Fielding will be our next area to work on with a series of drills designed to show foot/hand work, breakdown drills, and soft hand gloves. Several games such as knock-out, run and catch, L-drills, and angle drills will be used to help develop each camper’s ability.

baseball throwing photo


Hitting is next and is considered the most fun and hardest aspect of the game. We will teach stance, load, stride, and swing components through a series of hitting drills. Pepper drill, walk-up tee drill, front toss, soft toss and live arm hitting. Some fun games will include Home Run Derby, line drive tennis ball drill, bunt games, etc. Safety is a big concern and rules about bat use and swings will be followed.

Base Running

Base Running will be next and this area of the game has been neglected for some reason for many years. We will learn how to take leads, 2nd stage leads, 1-2-3 walking leads, tag-ups, and other base running areas. Run-downs, home-first, etc. will be taught. Relay races, Indian file, and sliding drills will be used to enhance each player’s ability to run.


Pitching, the most important area of baseball and the one player who really controls the pace and flow of the game. Pitching drills will include a throwing program, grips, 10 steps of pitching mechanics, arm mechanics, arm angles, and types of pitches thrown. The art of pitching is a long process, but we will teach our campers the basics to get them started on the right path.

baseball evaluation photo


Each player will be given a detailed evaluation at the end of camp that will detail both strong points of their game as well as areas that need improvement.

Foundational Skills

We’ve intentionally focused on these five skills as they are foundational to the game of baseball and essential for players to practice as they progress to more organized game play. Throughout our 3-week program, we will provide valuable insight on everything from strategy of the game, mental tips to help players focus, pre-game prep, and most of all how to make this great game fun.

Fun in the Sun

Our “Fun in the Sun” games will include the following: Home Run Derby, Around the Horn, Long Toss Hat, Bucket Throws, Rabbit Running Drill, Whiffle Ball Games, Baseball Golf, Pepper, and more. We also play organized baseball games to put all we have learned to the test.

Jaden Baseball

The baseball major is a great place to work on your skills. At camp, I get a better understanding of the game as the session goes on.Jaden (4-year camper from MD)

Aiden Baseball

BSC has helped me excel at baseball on and off the field. Each summer I improve my fundamentals, hitting and fielding + get to see all my friends.Aiden (5-year camper from FL)