Wednesday Update

We had some big winners last evening. Casino night is always a big hit with the campers. A lot of them dressed for the occasion and looked pretty cool. They could try their luck at blackjack, war, car roulette, rock paper scissors, or the high rollers went to the private lounge up stairs for poker and high stakes blackjack. Our cocktail waitresses were serving popcorn and power drinks. We also had a cotton candy machine and snow cones. A disc jockey supplied the music, and there were bouncers at the door. I THINK WE HAD ALL BASES COVERED.
A beautiful day in Maine. Blue skies not a drop of humidity and temps in the upper 70’s. I watched wiffle ball on one field and flag football on another making a quick stop in the fitness room. There was even king of the court going on at tennis. A lot of camper’s were down on the waterfront wake boarding or skiing. Campers seem to be taking full advantage of all the different activities when they’re not at their majors.

A shortened rest hour for the 13 and under basketball team. We hosted Wigwam on our home court. Our team was unbeatable. The campers were rooting them on throughout the entire game. Final score BSC 31 Wigwam 25. This was one of the best games I’ve seen here.

At 3:00 pm we boarded the buses that took us to the Seadogs game in Portland. Rumor has it there will be fireworks after the game. Will let you know tomorrow.

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