Wednesday Update

Our first Wednesday of Session Two was another classic day at Bridgton Sports Camp. It was spent in some classic Maine weather as well, with pockets of drizzles sprinkled around a sunny, humid day overall. Luckily, the rain didn’t disrupt any of the day’s periods.

We started with majors after a breakfast of waffles and sausage. After day three of our major sessions, the tone is set for the rest of our sessions, and so is our effort level. The hockey majors, divided by age group, each had two sessions on Wednesday. The first of which was spent sharpening their skating skills and some basic team concepts like passing. In the afternoon, the first scrimmages of the session were held, with campers translating their drill-work to live action. Basketball ran similarly, with campers continuing their 3-on-3 competitions after individual work. On the turf, Lacrosse and soccer majors were alike. After starting with individual drills, each major covered basic advantage situations, such as 2-vs-1s and 3-vs.-2s. Baseball started focusing on the offensive side of the ball, with some hitting off the tee after fielding drills.

The afternoon was once again spent in minor sessions. Some standout periods included an intense, down-to-the-wire flag football game, as well as some campers getting up on the wakeboard on the water. After a cookout dinner featuring franks, burgers, and watermelon, we had the inaugural night of BSL. Campers within all age groups competed in sports like ultimate frisbee, kickball, and handball, as the quest for championship glory kicked off.

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