Wednesday, July 20

It was an amazing day at Bridgton Sports Camp. Despite the staggeringly hot temperatures the majors ran smoothly with a huge step up in both intensity and effort from the campers all across the board. Soccer players prioritized defensive drills which can be difficult for primarily offensive players however all of the boys stayed focused and pushed themselves. In basketball the campers started with ball handling and passing drills before pivoting to offensive drills. On the ice hockey majors began with edgework and continued to compete in a scrimmage in the afternoon. During lacrosse the boys did position drills focusing on timing and creating space. Lastly the baseball majors practiced leading off the base and played a round of ‘The Gauntlet.’ For choose up today several counselors hosted various clinics that had been requested by campers. There was a spikeball tournament, a golf shooting range, a knockout game in basketball and of course a much needed free swim. After dinner the campers continued familiarizing themselves with the BSL games as well as their teams. It is safe to say the boys are adjusted to the regular daily schedule here at camp and we are very excited to keep pushing. Go BSC!

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