Wednesday, July 13

Day two of color war is officially in the books. It has been a great competition so far. In our hockey major the rookies competed in a game which the warriors won. The pro/senior divisions also played a game which the Avs won. Both games were full of athleticism and sportsmanship. A player in the pro/senior game had a huge hat trick. In the afternoon we had a cook off, a game of jeopardy and a track and field competition. In the cook off campers are given mandatory ingredients and a variety of optional ingredients to create a delicious dish for our prestigious panel of judges. Today the highlights were: a cheese pizza topped with Slim Jim’s and the cookie colossal. Overall the warriors dominated the cookoff. During the jeopardy games campers answer trivia questions that span from sports trivia to geography facts. Overall the Avs won the competition but we have a special shout-out for a rookie on the Warriors team who answered the majority of the questions for his entire team. In the track and field contest campers participated in various speed and endurance races as well as throwing distance contests. Track and Field was won overall by the Warriors. As it stands right now the Avs are up by a narrow margin of 20 points. It is anyone’s game. In the evening the BSL semi finals took place. Tomorrow both BSL and Color War will conclude. The campers and counselors are getting sentimental about camp ending but we couldn’t be happier with how things are wrapping up.

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