Good Evening Parents,

There is a lot happening in the second week of camp. Everyday we have different age groups coming here to or we are leaving to play at other camps.

This morning the rookies left camp to play in a kickball inner-camp tournament. We lost all 4 games and decided this is not a major at Bridgton. They are still trying decide if they should include kick ball as a minor next yr.

This afternoon we hosted a 13 and under basketball game. No problem here. Final score 52 to 35. Our players were amazing. Great shots and defense was right on.

The 15 and under boys left camp for a street hockey game. The game was 2 all and was called for rain. Looking forward to a rematch.

That rain gave Koop the chance to see if anyone wanted a bingo.

While all this competition was going on we still had a full schedule going on here.

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