From stretching in baseball to king of the court in tennis this morning the campus was packed from one end to the other with out door activity. I was so busy watching the boys have a great tennis session I never made it to the lake to take pictures.

This morning in hockey was Battle Day. The stations were:
1. Alaska 1×1 shadow
2. Union 1×1 back check
3. Power skating
4. Olympic passing
5. 1×1 Net Front Protect
6. 1×1 Tight Area
Thank you Coach Warde. I know all the hockey dads will appreciate that!!!!

Another long line in the dinning hall! Yummm, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The boys had a little free time after rest hour before the buses pulled out for the Portland Sea Dogs game. A little free time??? Off to the Gaga pit they went in their Bridgton Blues.


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