Tuesday update

Hot with a lot of humidity today. Perfect day to take the swim test down at the water front. EVERYONE passed. Second period was a wash. The entire camp had dodge ball in the gym. This was good practice for our on going games against Camp Wigwam.

Today at wrap up / line up Evan told us about today’s hockey majors. I would like to share what he said at line up. “Today in hockey we had a full controlled scrimmage where we worked on our power plays and penalty kills through game like situations. It was a little harder to implement the special teams due to the cleanliness of play on both sides. We then worked into a 3 v 3 neutral zone battle drill where we stressed communication and overall fundamentals. The kids were superb in all aspects of play and really gave us a base to move forward from.”

There is free play from 5:20 till 6:00 where I could see camper of all ages at the gaga pit.

At evening line up we had a lift off. These were the first rockets made at arts and crafts. The evening activitey was cancelled due to rain. Rookies had a movie in the air conditioned Humanities Center. Pro’s and seniors went to hoops or The Player’s Lounge. The movie was such a hit some of them decided to join the rookies.

Tomorrow Koop has ordered blue skies and temps in the 70’s 😉

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