Tuesday, June 27

Hello! Day three recap.

BSC is starting to look and feel like home. Campers are having a great time at their majors. I will give you more details about practice by sport in the next few days. It’s been a lot to take with all the schedules. I love hearing the boys say things like “I want to try out new things at camp”

So I went to witness some potential golfers. On their first try, hit! After tennis, boys are getting some good skills. After a rest hour and dinner, we went right into BSL. Which, I completely forgot to explain to new parents.

Bridgton Sports Camp has a competition called Bridgton Sports League. We organize various games for the campers to participate in. The competition includes cricket, handball, ultimate frisbee, and kickball.

And let me tell you, pros and seniors had a good game today at cricket. They are just in it! After that, we head back to chill for a bit and shower. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun will shine!

Brenda 🙂

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