Morning on the fields. This morning soccer minors had a great game going. For the major period they had some really creative and fun drills. One of which was KING OF THE RING.

Baseball majors were divided and in the out field. Coach was hitting and they had to make the play at first.

On the ice courtesy of Coach Warde:
-partner passing- change direction and partner 3 times
-USA 2v2 passing
– Amarillo 2 shot warm up
— Gap 1v1
— Headman 2v1
— 3v3 transition game
— Finnish 1v0 station 1
— Seagull 1v0 station 2
— 3v0 center drive with cross and drop- station 3
— 1v1 with ringette- station 4

I watched some pretty intense weight training and fitness. This has become an extremely popular minor. The coach has even started a camper and separate competition for counselors called IRON MAN. Coach has been posting results and times on a chart in the dinning hall.
Arts and crafts has been a popular hang out. If campers don’t feel like tie dying they just sit and chill.
Semi finals in the BSC league are going on. CIT’s have a well deserved night off.

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