The fishing report was excellent—in at least two of the periods, multiple fish were reeled in! I think the boys have really become experts this session. Another group of campers were still excited about the handball and volleyball games they had played in, and this was hours after the games had concluded! And finally in minors’ news, the golfers hit the driving range for some practice and the archery counselor reported a few more Bulls-Eyes!

The lacrosse majors did a 4v3 drill and then worked on fast breaks and ended the day with a full-field 3 on 2 drill. Basketball ran 3 of the more complex drills for the majority of practice and then finished with a scrimmage. And on the soccer field, they are mastering the quick-possession drill and then finished with shooting drills and a scrimmage. Coach Warde has the hockey guys in great shape and they are holding some competitive scrimmages in the afternoon sessions.

It was a big day in the dining hall–we all enjoyed waffles with an assortment of fresh fruit and berries for breakfast, and then had our final Taco Tuesday lunch. This evening there were 5 different types of pizza and soda!

Tonight the boys are involved with the BSL play-offs. It is hard to believe we are almost ready to declare champsions!

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