Time for camp

BSC Parents,

We are ready!  I just spent the last hour walking around camp.  Everything is in its place but camp is quiet.  I started thinking about what a long year it has been for all of us.  None of us would have expected to live through a pandemic but the great news is we are close to the other side and I personally feel great about camp this summer!  We have been in staff training for the past week and everyone is ready to go.  I can’t believe that tomorrow, camp will be alive with campers running/playing/having fun…..the way it should be!

A few reminders:
If you are taking the bus please pack a lunch/drinks (we will not stop) and again bare with us as we conduct the covid tests and pack the bus

If you are driving just follow the signs when you arrive at camp.  It’s different than most summers as we will test prior to driving up to the dorms

If flying, please wear your mask in the airport & on the plane.

During camp I will try and send these mass updates every once in a while and we will also post photos & camp blog in CampMinder and here daily.

I can’t wait for the campers to arrive tomorrow!

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