Thursday, July 7

Intercamp preparation is in full swing and the campers couldn’t be more excited for some competition among different campers. The boys will be competing in 15U volleyball and basketball at camp Wildwood and we will be hosting U13 baseball and basketball. After tryouts and practices the teams are looking sharp and ready for action. We were a smaller group today with our senior age division on a river rafting trip on the moxie river. The river is three hours away from camp but remains one of the favorite trips every year with strong rapids and relaxing straits. On the baseball diamond the boys did relay races and practiced ground balls. At the end of practice there was a game of wiffle ball. In basketball the campers mainly focused on shooting drills and ball handling before carrying both skills over to a series of three on three games. Hockey practiced with an obstacle course relay and competed in small area games. In lacrosse the boys only had three campers but they demonstrated great effort and got to play a game of horse where they spelled out the word ‘lacrosse.’ Tomorrow is intercamp day and we are very excited to see the competition. GO BSC!

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