Thursday, July 28

It was a great day today at Bridgton Sports Camp. Basketball majors worked on defense in three on three mini games. The hockey boys have been competing in a new league called Bridgton Hockey League (BHL). During this competition the players face off against other teams in their age division. In lacrosse the guys practiced passing and shooting on the move. The baseball boys did their usual running and throwing drills before competing in a scrimmage. Soccer players focused on defense and making moves on the ball. For dinner the campers enjoyed steak, mashed potatoes and peas. In the evening the pro campers had a social with our sister camp Kents Hill. The group of campers danced in the gym and had snacks. It was awesome seeing the whole group have fun. Tomorrow is the senior rafting trip with Kents Hill and we are expecting it to be another exciting day. Go BSC!

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