From time to time the coaches will help me out with the blog. Coach Verrill was kind enough to send me an update that I would like to share:

Bridgton Sports Camp
Baseball Update

The baseball portion of Bridgton Sports Camp is off and running with our guys getting daily workouts to improve their game and help them get to the next level of play. To date we have had each baseball camper fill out a goals sheet and we have discussed their individual goals and how best to achieve them. We have also put together a Baseball Student – Athlete Profile on each player which will help them to promote themselves in the future. This profile will have baseball measurements that will give them an idea where they are at as a baseball player. Certain running times and velocity times are recorded as well as position play. Each player can fill out area’s such as academic accomplishments, athletic accomplishments, schools attended and their respective coaches contact information.

To date we have had workouts covering base running and leads, pitching form and grips, hitting fundamentals, outfield and infield defense and catching fundamentals. Drills are taught and the player’s have been asked to do these as often as possible to enhance their respective games. They are their own best CEO’s in regards to their game and they need to put in the work on their own to get better. We have a throwing program in place that we do on a daily basis and have given them a good foundation to improve in this area of the game. Throwing the ball has to be a top priority for every player and must be mastered to move up the ladder in baseball.

Our competitive drills and games we play each day such as Home Run Derby, Fly Ball and Ground Ball Knock-Out and competitive running drills helps them to compete and strive to be succussefull.

I’m really enjoying my work with the boys and our baseball staff is doing a fantastic job every day to help your son’s improve their game as well as teach them to be better young men.

Coach Verrill

This Morning our 15 and under boys went to another camp for street hockey. They came back singing and cheering. That’s a sure sign that we won. The score was 3-2. This afternoon we our hosting a lax game as well as a flag football game. I’m sure that’s where most of the campers will be….. cheering the boys to victory.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I hope you like the pics from CASINO NIGHT.

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