A picture perfect day in Bridgton. The 16 and under soccer team left bright and early this morning. More about their day later.

Up on the field majors were hard at work. Coach Mike had the boys doing a series of throwing drills followed by base running, and batting practice. I watched flag football where I got to see some amazing plays and quite a few touchdowns. I always enjoy hearing campers root their teammates on. Hockey majors were put through some vigorous drills in the morning and they scrimmaged in the afternoon. One of the drills I got to watch was 3 on 3 using their opposite hand. Let’s not leave basketball out. Coach Whitt comes to the court with an array of different drills to improve their game and take them to the next level.

First time since camp started I went to visit arts and crafts. The place is usually full of conversation and music. Today you could hear a pin drop. The boys were each building their own rocket following some rather difficult instructions.

A tradition at Bridgton……Tonight is our first camp fire. At the beginning of every season the campers write their goals on a piece of wood. Those goals range anywhere from making new friends to improving in their game. At the closing campfire they share those goals and tell their fellow campers what goals were met before tossing the wood in the fire. Koop saves the ashes and they will be added to next years campfire.

We are so proud of the 16 and under boys soccer team. They won all three of their matches and reached the finals. The game ended in a tie. We lost in a shoot out. They came back with a second place trophy. They were truly amazing.

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