The Best Friday

Koop put in a special order….Finally someone was listening….blue skies and not a drop of humidity. This is what Maine is supposed to be like in the summer. Perfect for Lax, Soccer, and Baseball.

Baseball majors got to use the pitching machine this morning. They ended with home run derby. Always a favorite with campers.
Soccer majors had a stretch, and worked on different drills. I happen to arrive when they were doing soccer / golf. This was a kicking exercise for distance and accuracy.
The gym was rocking! I got to see each major dribbling two balls at a time. Hard to do, but they were great. Same for hockey. I watched all the guys practicing their shots on goal. Not too many pucks got by our two goalies.
Lax majors were all using long sticks working on defense.

Chef fooled us at lunch. We were sure it was pizza but it was tacos. They were quite the hit. We celebrated a camper’s birthday. What could be better for desert then cake :))

Three groups left camp for competition today….. flag football, tennis, and hoops.

A totally great day from the pitch to gaga. We’re ordering more of the same for tomorrow

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