Sunday Update

Some of the boys really took advantage of Lazy Bones Sunday. Others could be found playing tennis or in the dinning hall watching ESPN having Dunkin Donuts. Most boys I talked to said, it was great to catch up on a little sleep.

For lunch Chef Chris put out turkey, ham, cheese, tuna fish, egg salad, lettuce and tomatoes. We had rolls, wraps, whole wheat or white bread to make our sandwich on. It was quite a decision trying to decide what bread to use :))) Some of the sandwiches were very creative. Speaking of being creative….. We are quite anxious to see the tie die projects that were done this past week in arts & crafts. Rumor has it we’re going to see some tie dyed shorts, as well as socks, pillowcases & tee shirts.

In the afternoon there was a change in regular schedule. Campers had the opportunity to have paintball, wiffle ball with a slip and slide to home plate, broom-ball on the ice, and a kickball game. All of these activities are very popular with the boys. Every body survived paintball except Big Steve and X. They looked like they were moving targets for the campers.

Tomorrow in addition to regular activities we have a13 and under soccer tournament at Camp Wigwam. After dinner 15 & Under flag football at Camp Indian Acres.

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