Sunday, July 11 – UPDATE

It was our second Lazy Bones day of Session One on Sunday, and the kids got to sleep in until 10 AM! After waking up, they got to enjoy some donuts set up in the dining hall, buffet-style, followed by a morning of free play, spending a lot of time outside in some great weather, 70’s and partly cloudy.

After lunch, we held our version of All-Star Weekend up in the basketball arena. There was a skills challenge, a three-point contest, and although there was no dunk contest, we did have an all-star game. Many of the campers packed themselves in the bleachers to cheer on their peers, and were treated to an exciting, 2-point game after the individual competitions. We also had the waterfront open for much of the day, where campers were able to swim around and enjoy the inflatable slide. Before dinner, nearly the whole camp gathered in the lecture hall to watch the second half of the EuroCup Final, where Italy captured a thrilling victory.

Fittingly, we then had ravioli and meatballs for dinner. After eating, the whole camp gathered at lineup, where we then dispersed into our Bridgton Sports League activities, organized by age group. Following a night of soccer up on the fields, we returned to our dorms, caught some of the NBA Finals, and prepared for the third and final week of Session One!

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