Such a Great Day!

Another bright sunny day in Bridgton, Maine! Barely any clouds could be seen in the sky and another full day of doing sports!

All the campers woke up excited for the day and ready to have some fun! They started their day out with BSL with all the groups having fun playing kickball, handball, Spike Ball, and dodgeball. All the games were getting very intense because all the campers brought their A game.

Everyone had a great first and second period with majors and minors. The hockey players in both the older and younger group focused on 1 v 1 games and passing. Each group had an obstacle course they had to do as well. They had to go around cones, jump over a stick, duck under a stick, transition, and skate backwards. During the younger session of hockey, there was a station where the campers were passing to each other. One camper helped out his partner by showing him how to pass the correct way while the coach was busy helping another camper. We were happy to see campers helping each other out!

For lunch, we had tater tots, pasta, and chicken caesar salad wraps. Most campers were very happy to have the tater tots. After lunch, was our rest period where everyone went back to their dorms to rest or play quiet games. This was also great for counselors because they were able to rest with the campers.

During the third and fourth period, some campers had archery. For one camper it was their first time trying archery and he got a bullseye on his first try! Then 2 more campers got bullseyes as well! Overall it was a great day for archery! Some campers had waterfront activities and went tubing. The water was very choppy today, but that did not stop the campers from having fun! There were two campers on a tube and one was just about to fall off, but the other camper grabbed his wrist and pulled him back on the tube too so he could grab his handle and stay on! We also had two campers who never knee boarded before who got up on the board their first time! It was a very exciting day at the waterfront!

The camper’s favorite part of the day is Choose Up because they can choose any activity outside to go to and play. Many went to the waterfront to swim as it was a very nice day out. The Gaga Pit was very full as usual, and there were many campers on the field as well. A lot of the lacrosse majors and minors were out there practicing their shot, and one of the counselors was helping them out as well. A big game of Spike Ball happened again, and there were some baseball players out practicing catching and batting.

During Line-up, there were 2 jokes that were said and the first camper got the first pass of the summer! The next camper was not as lucky as he got the bucket of water dumped on him.

The joke that got the camper the bucket of water:

Where do you shop to get dog leashes?
-At the retail store

The campers had a very nice dinner of barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and peas. Not to mention the salad bar and pasta bar. After dinner, is free time until bedtime so many campers will hit the Gaga Pit, street hockey arena, the pickleball courts, basketball courts, soccer field, and baseball field to have some fun. Once it gets dark outside, the campers come inside to play pool, or ping pong before heading to bed.

I have to say that today was a very successful day at Bridgton Sports Camp and that we are excited for many more!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you had a fun day!

Talk to you guys soon!

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