Saturday, July 9

It was sign-up Saturday today at BSC. On Saturdays the boys get to sleep in and in the afternoon we rotate through a few different activities. The majors took place as usual this morning. Basketball did a series of passing and offense drills before spending the second half of the period in the weight room. Lacrosse worked on one v one ground ball drills and dodging drills. Over on the soccer pitch the campers worked on defensive transitions and had a scrimmage. Hockey did a lot of skating at the beginning of the period and later on did three v three games. The overall focus in hockey was keeping your head up today. In the afternoon the campers participated in a counselor catch. In this activity the boys run around campus in teams searching for counselors that are in various hiding spots. The campers loved this activity which was great to see. Following snack the campers participated in one of the three activities: soccer, basketball or tennis. In all three of the activities they competed in tournaments which were all hard fought. In the evening the rookies and pros had a movie night. The rookies watched Finding Nemo while the Pros watched Meet the Parents. Our oldest age division got their phones for the evening and had free time on the fields. Tomorrow is lazy bones Sunday and the boys are looking forward to their donuts in the morning.

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