Yesterday’s rain was quickly replaced by another bright, sunny day! After an exciting Casino Night, the campers enjoyed a little sleep-in this morning and then moved on to a morning dedicated to their majors.
In basketball, they concentrated on post player work. Drills included a focus on drop-step and up and under moves. During the second half of practice, all players did a conditioning workout with plenty of sprints. They concluded the morning with free-throw practice. It was an excellent effort overall!
Up at the rink, Coach Warde continues to see improvement as the players work through the series of drills that are now become more and more familiar. The scrimmages are starting to look quite impressive as the skills learned are implemented into real game situations.
“Suit-Up Saturday” was the highlight on the lacrosse field. Coaches and staff dressed and participated along with the lacrosse majors in a 7v7 scrimmage. They also worked on fast-breaks and the goalies had individual work-outs with their coach.
Baseball majors had a great morning going through the competitive drills and playing Home Run Derby, Fly Ball and Ground Ball Knock-Out and doing running drills. Again, Coach tracks running times so that the players can see their progress throughout the session.
And last, but certainly not least, the soccer players continue to perfect their passing skills by concentrating on multi-pass series in their grid possession drills. The majority of the morning session today was a full-field scrimmage. The counselors noted that passing was sharp and workout drills are positively affecting the game-play.
There were lots of fans at the 16-and-under baseball inter-camp game this afternoon. Our BSC team walked away with a big win!
This evening, there were some more BSL games after dinner, but the highlight, Movie Night, followed! It was a nice, relaxing evening at Camp—a perfect segue to Lazy Bones Sunday!

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