I would like to back up to July 7th., if I may. Parents be proud of how hard the boys play in all the tournaments in and out of camp. I did mention the 15 and under campers went out of camp for street hockey. They were victorious in a close game. The lax game we won, but lost the flag football.

While many of you are in a heat wave…. here at BSC we all have on sweats. Koop ordered NO sun and cool weather for hockey majors. They had “Dry Land Drills” this morning. This happens only once during the session. Which might be one too many times for these guys. They work really hard.

The 15 and under campers went out of camp this morning for an inner camp basketball tournament. They made it to the semi finals.
Tonight all the high rollers from casino night were given prizes. The rookies were invited to Koop’s house for a movie, and pros & seniors are headed to Humanities to watch theirs. The winners of room inspection went into town for ice cream.

Everyone is HAPPY!!!

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